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Local Radio Advertising – “Can I afford it?”

Of course you would like to do radio advertising. You have a :30 or :60 second message and you want to share it with the world. You envision your telephone ringing and visitors to your website.

Can and does that happen? Yes… for the right price.

After calling their favorite radio station and asks for rates a potential advertiser will usually given to the “newbie” sales rep. The rep quotes them rates off the rate card (the highest yet negotiable price) and usually for morning and evening drive times which are the most expensive. The would-be advertiser decides that radio is just too expensive.

I’m here with the good news: There is an affordable “profit center” out there for everyone. The key is to select your area of the world and then OWN IT!

Example: You realize News/Talk listeners will be the most responsive audience for your product or service. You consider all day parts Monday - Friday.

Too Expensive? Okay; select a daypart that you can afford. Or, choose 3 consecutive days of the week and air your spots 5a-8p for a more affordable rate.

Still too expensive? Then OWN overnights or weekends.

Whatever you do, put all your frequency into your chosen daypart, OWN IT and watch it become your profit center. You’ll be reaching the same audience at the same times. This creates frequency.

Maybe your phone won’t be ringing off the hook and you’ll receive fewer visits to your website than you envisioned, but you’ll be spending less too. Later, you can add another daypart and yes, another profit center. Eventually you can own the station…and from there add a different formatted station with a selected daypart. And so it goes…

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