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A Short Primer on Remnant Advertising

Christian advertising agency graphicThe nature of remnant space is such that it usually comes up at the last minute.

Some media companies prefer to offer this space to larger advertisers. This is usually because larger advertisers already have budgets in place with a creative department on hand to create radio spot, magazine ads, television spots, and even newspaper ads.

So yes, remnant space can offer you a great way to save on your advertising costs, but it is important to understand that it is all about last minute so working with a agency, like Casso Media, can help you be prepared for these last minute opportunities.

Here are some remnant advertising opportunities to consider:


Unlike print media, radio advertising must be placed within a finite period of time. Radio stations have a fixed number of spots open per hour. 


With the ever growing number of television stations arriving, there is typically plenty of televsion remnant space to be had with big discounts over the normal rate card.


There are always opportunities available with daily newspapers, especially if you are willing to accept smaller remnant ad space. These are the spaces used to "fill out" the paper.


National magazine - and even smaller magazines - offer remnant ad space. This is because advertisers sometimes miss deadlines, or decide to go with a smaller ad, or the magazine just ends up with more pages than they have ads sold. 

Want to know more? Give me a call. I'd love to answer your questions. 

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